Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Audiobook released

I have just released a new audiobook on YouTube. It features the magazine story "All Steamed Up!" from 1993. I will be doing more of these older magazine stories in the near future.

Scene 2 of Kidnapped was also filmed on Friday. The scene was very simple and all went well. Filming should resume on Monday night.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Camcorder problems sorted - Kidnapped scene FINALLY filmed

Scene 1 of Kidnapped has finally been filmed this evening. The short scene sees Thomas meet an old enemy. 

The scene went very well in my opinion and it's now about to be edited (once the producers have checked it over).

In the picture above you can see the filming taking place on a Scrapyard set.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

ZEM to voice in Kidnapped bonus episode

ZEM, admin of TTTE Wikia and founder of The NEW Tugboat and Thomas Forums, has agreed to lend his voice to a minor role in a newly written Kidnapped Bonus episode. He will voice the "Scrapyard Owner". 

ZEM was orginally cast in the role of Victor and Kevin (amongst others) but had to back out, so it's great that he's agreed to do this minor role.

In other news, I can confirm that Kidnapped will get a bonus episode (mentioned breifly above). This episode probably won't be the length of a normal episode and is likely to be released the day after Kidnapped is released. A script has been written and the working title is "No Place Like Home" but that's all I can say at the moment and that is subject to change. Also, it will see Annie speak for the first time (we're in the process of casting an actor for her)! 

As for the filming of Kidnapped, it has not been resumed just yet as I'm still waiting for a tape (the one I received before was a head cleaner - a replacement is on it's way).

Also, I would just like to mention that I obtained a big bag of TOMY sheds from a charity shop. There were eight of the brown sheds in total (as well as a suspension bridge, which I believe may be incomplete) and I paid £1.00 for them - so that was a cracking bargain!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

TheUnluckyTug to voice Harvey (and other news)

TheUnluckyTug, who voices Henry and Edward in my series, is also going to be voicing Harvey in the upcoming movie "Kidnapped". He was cast after Thomasfan heard his voice for Boomer in his Jinxed redub. 

Also, TheUnluckyTug has just released his Jinxed redub on YouTube, in which I voice Zip, so be sure to check that out.

Finally, I might be refilming the first scene of Kidnapped today since I have just received my new camcorder tape in the post!

Watch TheUnluckyTug02's Jinxed redub here

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Thomasfan gets a promotion - and other good news!

Yes, Thomasfan who has wrote and edited scripts for all of my series, including my TrackMaster remakes has today been given a promotion. He will know help produce the movie (and Season 7 I hope). I hope this will make Kidnapped even better!

In other news, I purchased a new camcorder tape today which I hope will resolve my problems. If that goes according to plan - Kidnapped should resume filming very soon!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Bad News - KIDNAPPED on hiatus - AGAIN!!!

I filmed the first scene of kidnapped today which sees Thomas discover an old nemesis return to Sodor. All went  well until it came to edit it and my camcorder chewed up the tape! This is my only tape so it means, until I can afford another tape, Kidnapped will be on hiatus. 

Needless to say I'm very disappointed because I think the scene turned out excellent and not only did I lose that - I also lost the end of the New Year's Special, "Old Problems in the New Year" (which isn't too bad, but still...)

The only one consolation is that it was filmed with two cameras and the footage filmed on "Camera 2" still exists, but because this wasn't "Camera 1" a lot of the necessary shots weren't filmed on this secondary camera. 

Also, even when I do get a tape, the problem may be with the camcorder and in that case the movie may be pushed way back until I can afford a whole new camera. Anyway, he's a photographic still from today's filming (it may be all that we have left of that scene):


Promotional Poster for Kidnapped!

Here's the first promotional poster from Kidnapped!

Still no release date set as of yet.

Kidnapped ending to be re-written

The ending to Kidnapped was never considered to be very good, so Thomasfan and I are currently re-drafting the ending along with some very minor edits to some of the other plotlines. 

This will not affect the filming of the movie in any way, but it is currently unknown if any extra lines will be required from voice actors.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

First scene of Kidnapped due to be filmed on Monday!

Yes, the long awaited Kidnapped will have the first scene filmed on Monday. The first scene involves Thomas discovering that an old nemesis is lurking on Sodor...

I will be recording most of my lines on Monday, too.

More information coming soon!

Docks to have makeover

The current Brendam Docks set is to be renovated in an upcoming episode in 2012 due to the switch to the brown TrackMaster track. Apart from the set itself, Cranky and Bulstrode will also get a new look.

The episode is still being written so the plot is subject to change.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Other Projects Pushed Back

My other projects that I usually begin filming in mid-March will be pushed back to late April to make way for the filming of Kidnapped due to the way it's going to be filmed. Instead of filming all the scenes first it has recently been decided that one scene at a time will be filmed and edited due to the assumed length of the special.

We aim to film and edit one scene per day starting Monday, so I hope to collect lines (if they haven't been sent to me already) over the weekend. 

A release date has still yet to be decided on.