Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Eighth episode done!

The eighth episode, Percy's Postal Problem, has been filmed. Although its the eighth to be filmed, it will probably be the first episode to be released!

Filming will resume shortly with "Signal Work". The last episode, "Gordon's Ghost Story", will be filmed next month.

Here's a photo:
Harold's stuck on the church roof

Monday, 25 July 2011

Percy's Postal Problem partly filmed!

The first half of the episode Percy's Postal Problem has been filmed. This was one of the most challenging episode to film because of all the set changes involved. The chase scene was quite hard too!

This episode, written by Richie, is likely to be the first episode to be released on August 29th, 2011. Filming of the second half of the episode should take place tomorrow.

Also, on my YouTube channel right now is my latest charity shop finds. Please go and check it out, read the video's description and comment! The items include a My First Oliver, some Story Library titles and a Story Treasury as well as a mysterious tiny Thomas model. Click the link at the bottom of this blog post to go to the video.

Here's a photo from filming:
Percy chases Harold the Helicopter

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Very Small Update

This is just a short message to say that YouTuber TheSodorSteamworks will join the voice cast voicing a Truck and a Rescue Worker. 

This means that the parts of the Trucks and the Rescue Worker are no longer available.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Filming Cancelled for this week

This week, today, I was due to begin filming Percy's Postal Problem however, I have lost the platform. I'll either have to wait until tomorrow and see if my dad can make a platform for the station or, buy another one.

Depending on whether I can come to some conclusion, filming could resume on Saturday filming a different episode.

Also, please check out my auditions video as some minor characters still have voices, but some have already been filled. Here's the new castings:

THETOPHATTS as the Wellsworth Stationmaster, Harold's Pilot and Truck
CHR652 as a Child

Monday, 18 July 2011

The New Station Audiobook now released on YouTube

My latest audiobook, "The New Station" has just been uploaded onto YouTube. 

Whilst it's not the best of stories, I'm very happy with the way it came out and I mixed the illustrations with footage from the CGI television series. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Audiobooks on the horizon

Now that the filming for my seventh season is winding down and becoming less demanding, I will do a few audiobooks. I would very much like to continue my Buzz Book series but I can't find book three, Percy Runs Away. So, instead, I'll be narrating a magazine story published in the year I was born, 1994.

The magazine story is titled, "The New Station" and it sees James become jealous because he isn't selected to collect the very important visitors to open a new station on Thomas' Branch Line.

Also, I got Thomas and His Friends yesterday and I MAY review it but I'm not sure. Whether I do or don't I would highly recommend that you buy it! In the UK it's only £3.99 on Amazon so there's no excuse! It's much cheaper than the average Thomas book and is so much better! I hope there's more Railway Series books ahead!

The unveiling of the Thin Clergyman's bust at Tidmouth

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Salty's Secret Finished!

Salty's Secret has been finished. All the scenes for the episode have now been filmed. Filming went well and I'm very happy with the result!

Filming will resume soon with "Percy's Postal Problem" which was written by Richie.

Here's a picture:

"Here we go, here we go, here we go!"
"No, we don't. No, we don't. No, we don't, don't, don't!"

Monday, 11 July 2011

Salty's Secret underway!

Today I began filming "Salty's Secret". I managed to film all of the Brendam Docks scenes and I know what you're thinking: the Docks is only seen in Salty's Secret briefly. Well, this remake is bit different as it's all about Salty telling the story of how he first arrived on the Island.

Also, I will be checking with all cast members if they still want to voice in the series before I hand out scripts, so if you voice in the series, expect to be contacted. So far I've only asked Richie and Dan5589 and they will continue voicing their characters.

Here's a pic from Salty's Secret...
A Troublesome Truck rolls across the Quayside
Filming will resume tomorrow (probably) with the Quarry scenes of the episode.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Six down, four to go!

The six episode, Good as Gold, has been totally filmed. I am very happy with this one and it could be a highlight of the season! One of the crashes featured is my best yet and it was filmed from three different angles. Very action-packed, this one!

Filming will resume Monday with my adaptation of Salty's Secret!

In the meantime, here's a behind-the-scenes photo of the crash!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sixth episode finally (half-way) filmed!

Today, I finally started filming the sixth episode "Good as Gold". I sucessfully filmed over half of the episode and only have the scenes that take place at the Quarry left. It was great fun, but one scene in particular was a great challenge to film, but I think I pulled it off okay.

Filming will resume either tomorrow or Thursday.

Also, we've had a discussion about the release date and have decided that the season is likely to be released on the 15th or 29th of August and we release a new episode every Monday until the season ends. We even have a Halloween episode being written by Thomasfan right now which will be released on Halloween!

Here's a picture: