Sunday, 12 June 2011

Third Episode Filmed!

Heave Ho Thomas! has finally been filmed and now I'm sure this season is going to be my best yet! This episode took six and a half hours to film because it required quite a few different sets including the quarry, the docks and Knapford. This episode is based very closely on the real twelfth season episode but it has quite a few edits which makes it feel less like a television series episode and more like a Railway Series story, thanks to my script editor Thomasfan who did a terrific job with editing this episode.

As you know in this episode we are introduced to Hank, voiced by MurphyProductions828. I'm pleased to tell you that Hank will appear in at least one other episode in this season and won't be forgotten about like he was in the real TV series.

Here's a picture,

Thomas meets Hank for the first time
Tomorrow, I will probably be filming Tram Trouble which will introduce yet another new arrival...

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