Wednesday, 24 August 2011

August Update!

Here's the news from me:

Richie has stepped down from Season 7 for personal reasons. He played several large roles including Percy, James and Cranky. He stepped down just days before the season is due to be shown on YouTube. An appeal in the form of an audition video has been launched on YouTube. Some roles have already been filled.

We wish Richie the best of luck for his upcoming projects including "The Fergus Chronicles" in which I voice Fergus. Richie intends to return to the series to voice his regular roles next year.

Also, an audiobook of "Day of the Diesels" has been released on YouTube. It's my biggest audiobook yet, but be warned before you watch it - it does contain spoilers from the special!

Finally, a promo for the seventh season of my series has been released on YouTube ahead of its release on Monday August 29th, 2011. 

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