Monday, 14 February 2011

Bad News - KIDNAPPED on hiatus - AGAIN!!!

I filmed the first scene of kidnapped today which sees Thomas discover an old nemesis return to Sodor. All went  well until it came to edit it and my camcorder chewed up the tape! This is my only tape so it means, until I can afford another tape, Kidnapped will be on hiatus. 

Needless to say I'm very disappointed because I think the scene turned out excellent and not only did I lose that - I also lost the end of the New Year's Special, "Old Problems in the New Year" (which isn't too bad, but still...)

The only one consolation is that it was filmed with two cameras and the footage filmed on "Camera 2" still exists, but because this wasn't "Camera 1" a lot of the necessary shots weren't filmed on this secondary camera. 

Also, even when I do get a tape, the problem may be with the camcorder and in that case the movie may be pushed way back until I can afford a whole new camera. Anyway, he's a photographic still from today's filming (it may be all that we have left of that scene):


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