Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Audiobooks on the horizon

Now that the filming for my seventh season is winding down and becoming less demanding, I will do a few audiobooks. I would very much like to continue my Buzz Book series but I can't find book three, Percy Runs Away. So, instead, I'll be narrating a magazine story published in the year I was born, 1994.

The magazine story is titled, "The New Station" and it sees James become jealous because he isn't selected to collect the very important visitors to open a new station on Thomas' Branch Line.

Also, I got Thomas and His Friends yesterday and I MAY review it but I'm not sure. Whether I do or don't I would highly recommend that you buy it! In the UK it's only £3.99 on Amazon so there's no excuse! It's much cheaper than the average Thomas book and is so much better! I hope there's more Railway Series books ahead!

The unveiling of the Thin Clergyman's bust at Tidmouth

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