Monday, 11 July 2011

Salty's Secret underway!

Today I began filming "Salty's Secret". I managed to film all of the Brendam Docks scenes and I know what you're thinking: the Docks is only seen in Salty's Secret briefly. Well, this remake is bit different as it's all about Salty telling the story of how he first arrived on the Island.

Also, I will be checking with all cast members if they still want to voice in the series before I hand out scripts, so if you voice in the series, expect to be contacted. So far I've only asked Richie and Dan5589 and they will continue voicing their characters.

Here's a pic from Salty's Secret...
A Troublesome Truck rolls across the Quayside
Filming will resume tomorrow (probably) with the Quarry scenes of the episode.

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